Basiclab is a team of Hungarian researchers and specialists who set themselves the goal of researching lifestyle-enhancing functional dietary supplement active ingredients and developing products.

In total, our researchers have spent more than 2 decades in academic environment gaining vast knowledge and routines that we share with people through our products.

Our goal is to develop science-based, safe products having real-life effect in our own laboratory. We do not compromise on the selection of active ingredients, we only research and use the purest and biologically most appropriate forms in our products.

Why is basic lab different?

We would like to create value through our innovations, our unique vision and our faith in science help us make our products unique. Our work focuses on the person and the solution of the given problem. The principle of our company is to market only the products having a real-life effect.

Only the purest and safest plant-based active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes can be contained in the products, there is no carrier, synthetic compound or artificial color only the biologically active, most optimal form for the body.

Our products are consciously made without carbon dioxide enrichment, thus we also want to contribute to the protection of our environment!

For the gamers

Do you often feel like making not only your favorite character more powerful but also turbocharging yourself? Do you want to be the best gamer? Then you need a buff, too!

The basic lab has created and presents the PLAY PRO functional shot, developed specifically for gamers and e-athletes.

Our chemists have used extensive and thorough research to map all parts of the body that are most exposed during the game.

In creating the formula we placed great emphasis on enhancing mental performance and increasing concentration without stimulants, while also paying attention to the protection of joints and the eyes.

This is also a sport, it is not enough to just exercise, nutrition and the use of special dietary supplements have gained importance. No caffeine, no taurine, just pure plant-based active ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and polysaccharides.

Consume 1 shot before and 1 during the game!

For the students/workers

In several cases staying awake is not enough but you also have to ensure mental freshness and concentration either when learning or at work.

The FOCUS shot was specially designed by our researchers to increase concentration, focus and memory, achieving all this with adaptogenic plant-based active ingredients. Improving cognitive features has both short-term and long-term benefits while not affecting the body with stimulants.

FOCUS is perfect for all situations in life, having no carriers and fillers just pure plant-based active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Researchers at basic lab have developed the product to offer sustainable energy without unwanted side effects, making it an attractive alternative to energy drinks or coffee.

For party starters

Before a night out!!!

It is designed to prepare the liver for alcohol consumption and to accelerate the work of enzymes in the alcohol metabolism so that acetaldehyde causing hangover symptoms can exert its toxic effects on the body for a shorter time.

This is not magic, this is science!

The ingredients are active ingredients known and acknowledged by science. All active ingredients and final products are tested separately by our researchers to ensure that they are effective and safe.

Act for “the morning after” now

The complex effect of plant-based active ingredients, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins ensures the required effect.

For after party

When the night is over!!!

By the time the night is over, the alcohol will make your body dispose of plenty of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Replacing them is essential!

Don’t spend ’the morning after’ in a dark room

Our researchers have developed Hangover shot with having the elimination of the very common anxiety and depression conditions in mind.

Using Party B4 and Hangover together will make the difference in “the morning after”.

Party B4 and Hangover only relieve the unpleasant symptoms after getting drunk, the alcohol stays in the bloodstream! Please do not drive under the influence of alcohol under any circumstances!

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